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Image by Ganapathy Kumar

Western | 25 mins

In the wild west, outlaw Wade Clay's life is thrown into disarray when he decides to abandon his gang of fellow miscreants. Driven by their creed to hunt down any dissenter, the Brotherhood seeks out Wade. While trying to escape their vengeful hand, in his travels, Clay comes to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Confronted by his old friends and a disturbing truth about his past, Wade struggles with his own desire for vengeance. 


Meet the Cast


Thomas Dozier

I knew that when I started on this journey, I wanted to push myself. However I was not prepared for the challenges that were in store for me and my team. But through it all, we trusted in God and I think audiences will enjoy the final product. A Christian western may not be a new idea, but you've never seen one quite like this. VOTB shatters clichés and has a few twists that you won't expect. Make sure to check it out this summer. 


Check out some pictures & video from set!

Behind the Scenes

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