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Here is our growing library of projects. 


Pandemonium: Wrath of the Antichrist (2020)

It is a dark time on the earth. Governments have turned against men and created a one world order. This new order is led by the mysterious Lord Xander, who will stop at nothing to eliminate anyone who does not bow before him. | HD | 52m |

PRIME 16.9-1.png

Vengeance of the Brotherhood (2023)

The year is 1885. When Wade Clay abandons the "Brotherhood" gang, they vow to chase him down to the ends of the earth. While trying to escape their vengeful hand, Clay comes to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. However, he is soon confronted by his old friends and a disturbing truth about his past. | 4k | 25m |


The Fix It Guy (2023)

Max Honeycutt is a wacky handyman from way down south in Dixie. He travels far and wide to help fix a random assortment of things while also offering sage advice. | 4k | 18m |


Truth Digital (2023-2024)

Truth Digital is an online series of short form videos with impactful messages from the Word of God. Each episode has a different host, location, and aesthetic. | 4k | 

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Aspirations of a Shattered Mind (2024)

An upcoming film. Stay tuned.

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