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On the run from his former gang after a failed robbery, Wade Clay seeks to leave his life of crime behind. However, he doesn't get far before he is confronted by his past and a terrible truth. 

Motion pictures for a purpose.

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Christian Film Company | Carpe diem pro Christo Rege

Our mission is to create Christ centered entertainment. However, so often Christian entertainment is poorly executed with little imagination. We're here to change that. We serve a majestic and brilliant God; shouldn't Christian movies reflect that? We believe in making  Christian movies that have stunning visuals, a great story, and whimsical music without watering down the gospel. 


Thomas Dozier

"Beginning at the age of 10, I began making Christian short films. But it wasn't until about 17 that I realized that God had given me this passion to make a real difference. My mission in starting Atmosphere Pictures is to make movies  that reflect the truth and majesty of God. Films that are made with passion and creativity. Our God is a creator of marvelous things. Shouldn't Christian movies take after our Heavenly Father?"

Meet the Founder


Proudly American.

We believe in the cause of Liberty that so many died for and praise God for His blessing on our great land.

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